What to expect

Thanks for stopping by today,

In this first post I wanted to share my intentions for this new little project of mine. Below I have made a list of some of the things you will find in my future posts. Above all though, I want this to be a space that is authentic, a place for anyone to come and find a little encouragement about embracing our current situations. I want to share activities, resources, art, (anything and everything) that help me figure out the things that bring happiness into my life, and how to create a world that is full of those things! πŸ™‚ The best part is, I am learning through each of these posts as well! So, I hope you join along for our little journey to embrace all the beautiful things we encounter in our big exciting world!

What to expect from “Where Happiness Lies”

  • Journal prompts and activities to spark reflection
  • My current highs and lows (ways to reflect upon yours)
  • Glimpses into, what I call, “Frozen Time” moments
  • Meditation resources
  • Yoga tips
  • And Β MOST IMPORTANTLY a whirlwind of positive energy to motivate us all to pursue our happiness πŸ™‚


❀ Meghan



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