Finding your happiness: journal prompt

So, before I dive into our first activity I want to begin by giving a little background to it, and a little background to where I am at in life right now. After my short story I will share a journal prompt to get you started on a reflection. 

6 months ago I decide to move to Arica, Chile. Everything in my life lined up and pointed to this being the exact place I needed to be at this time in my life. I had just finished college, I found a job at a small private school here, my amazing partner just so happens to live in Arica Chile and is currently finishing his degree here…so like I said, it all lined up! 😉 When I arrived here I planned on spending the foreseeable future in Chile. A city right on the coast nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring”. No winter, no snow, no rain, just sunshine, beaches, and incredible food. Needless to say, I  absolutely LOVE my life here. 

My job…well…the Chilean education system personally doesn’t feel like the right fit for me as an educator, and this could be true for a million different reasons. So, fast forward through 5 months of planning lessons, chasing around CRAZY students, and trying my best to be a math teacher to students who barely speak English, with my Spanish being far from fluent..(and you should be laughing at the math teacher part because anyone who knows me knows I can barely multiply)

An email arrives from the school I did my student teaching at (in Mumbai, India) something along the lines of:

We have an EAL position available for next year, are you interested?

The only response that came to my mind was “There is no way I could ever turn this down”

After a few weeks of  skype interviews and long conversations with my partner and my family…I accepted a middle school teaching position at a school in India starting August 2017. and then it hit me, I accepted a teaching position at a school in India starting next August…

What am I giving up? What will I be gaining from this? It’s the best decision for my career, but is it the best decision for my happiness, for my personal life?….on and on and on and on…This is where our little activity comes into play.

Journal Prompt

Our activity for today is simple, but I feel it carries an important message. Get out your journal, a scrap piece of paper, the back of a receipt or if you aren’t into writing you just need your brain. Make a list of things that answer this question:

            What do I need to be happy?

*If you need more help sparking the ideas for your list it can help to think of the things you like to come home to at the end of the say, or the things you love spending your time doing on weekends, or what you look forward to all week, your favorite comfort foods exc.*

Here is how mine turned out (I’m not going to apologize for not having a “Pinterest Perfect” bullet journal because I’m being real and authentic 😉 )

The conclusion I came to, that helped reassure me that I had just made a great decision for all aspects of my life, is that all of these things that I need to be happy don’t depend on a specific geographical spot in this world. I can create these things wherever I go. I hope your lists leads you to a reassuring conclusion, and brings clarity to the things that you need most in life. Also, feel free to share! 🙂



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