How to Fill your Mornings with Positivity

DISCLAIMER: I am aware that the idea of adding more things to our jam-packed early mornings sounds  horrendous. BUT, hear me out 😉 This doesn’t involve waking up an hour earlier, you don’t even have to get out of bed! This post is for EVERYONE, not just people who have been practicing yoga for years, this could be the first time you try a yoga pose. Enjoy!

       Why do Yoga in the Morning?

Each day (weekday, I should say) I wake up at 6:00 am (well…somedays it ends up being 6:15) and the first thing I do is step onto my yoga mat and do a 3-5 minute yoga flow. I roll up my yoga mat and feel ready to take on the world!!…or at least I feel like I might have enough patience and energy to teach a room full of crazy 10 year olds….

A while ago I noticed myself starting my mornings by checking emails or scrolling through social media. I would then continue my mornings feeling anxious about the day, making lists of the things I had to do while I tried to find the right pair of pants, or accidentally spill all my bobby pins on the floor. The tone we set for ourselves in the morning is what we carry with us throughout the day. Like most everyone, I am always trying to find new ways to fill myself with positive energy, and have enough left to spread to others. So, today I would like to share something that I do each morning  to help start my day with a boost of happiness!

Starting your day with purpose

When I began to do yoga each morning I realized it gave my mind and body a bit of a transition time from sleep, to the busy day that was ahead. By doing a quick yoga flow in the morning you are starting your day with self care, with the intention of slowing down and focusing on starting off the day in a good mood!

Stretch your body

There is a reason dogs and cats stretch out when they wake up from naps, it just feels good! I may only be 23 years old but, I wake up with a stiff back from time to time and it feels real good to stretch that out in the morning!

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness (something I have been very interested in learning more about, and will dig into in future posts!) is basically the practice of slowing down and paying attention to what you are doing, and finding joy in the little things. By taking time in the morning to listen to your body, focus on your movements, you are being in the moment you are taking part in a mindful activity.

Help your body

Each yoga pose has different benefits for your body, from aiding in digestion, to even helping lower blood pressure. Even by taking 5 minutes everyday to do a few poses, your body can receive these benefits!

Tips for starting your routine

You can adapt your routine to fit your personal needs in any way you would like, here are some tips I have to help get you started

Make it quick

Pick your 5 favorite poses and do them. If this lasts 2 minutes that’s fine! If you wake up late one morning, do only 2 poses and take 5 seconds to focus on your breathing. Any amount of time you spend on it in the morning, you are still choosing to start your day in a positive, reflective, intentional way. On the weekends, you can add more time to your routine! 🙂

Set your mat out the night before

When you wake up and your mat is the first thing you put your feet on in the morning, it motivates you to go ahead and do a few poses!

Make it the absolute FIRST thing you do

Don’t check your work email, Facebook, don’t find your shirt you want to wear today, make it very intentional to have yoga be the first thing you do!

Do the poses you like

Do poses that feel good today, you don’t have to stick to a strict routine.

Do a mini meditation

Sit for a minute or however long you have, and just focus on your breathing. You can place your hand on your heart or your stomach and feel yourself breathe. By doing this, you are giving yourself a little moment of peace and time to clear your mind.

Do a sun salutation

If you don’t feel your ready to make your own flow sun salutations are always a perfect thing to do in the morning. (This is an awesome Video explaining how to do a sun salutation)

Do your poses in bed

If getting our of bed is a little tricky for you in the mornings you can even stay in your cozy warm bed and do your poses there. (Here is a little video)

This is something I actively practice in my life and I have seen the benefits it brings to my day, so my hope is that this gives you a way to start your day full of positive energy and feeling ready for anything that lies ahead! 🙂




2 thoughts on “How to Fill your Mornings with Positivity

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  1. this is great meghan. something I’m going to definitely start doing.

    I love this blog. such a positive outlet to have. 🙂 🙂 Miss you lots. ❤


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