Slowing Down

“It’s a musical thing”

          What sparked my ideas for this post was a video I stumbled across the other day that helped put words to a belief I have had for a while now. We, I myself am very guilty of this as well, often get so focused on what the next thing to come is, graduating high school to finally get to college, graduating college to finally get a job, getting married, having kids, exc. Each step only leads to anticipation for the next, then the next, then the next, and eventually what we find is constant focus on the future and forgetting to slow down and enjoy each moment, each experience we are currently having, because THAT is what our life truly consists of. So, today I want to dig into this idea a little more and try to figure out some ways for us to slow down, and let the current moments in our lives bring us happiness.

       “You were supposed to sing and dance”

          A few days ago my boyfriend and I went on a trip to a religious festival taking place a little outside the city we live in. To get to this celebration it involved taking a two hour bus ride into the valley, then a three and a half hour hike (one way) through the desert. With this video fresh in my mind, I realized the universe had given me the perfect opportunity to put into play this mindset I had been thinking of. So, we started our three and a half hour hike through the desert on a hot summer day, and I made up my mind to enjoy each step of this journey, the end of reaching the village wasn’t truly what this was about. It was about the sacrifice, the perseverance and journey to get there. By having this intention in my mind, the hike was incredible. We laughed, we sang, we played in the river, we ate little snacks, we were in awe of the mountains and sheer beauty around us. I made a point to not acknowledge the complaints that came to my mind (I’m hot, there is a massive blister forming on my big toe, how are we possibly going to do this all again on the way back? exc. exc.) Just like meditation teaches, (which I’m excited to dig into more in many future posts!!) thoughts can pop into your mind but you can choose to not engage them and simply dismiss them if they don’t serve you. This experience was about the process, and with the mindset of slowing down, enjoying each step this trip filled us both to the brim with happiness, after 7 hours of hiking through the desert we were still full of energy and smiles.

          Once we got back from our trip and I reflected a little more on the beautiful metaphor that life had presented me with I wanted to find a way to apply this to my day to day life. Like I shared in an earlier post, I am currently at a bit of a transition time in my life. I have an exciting new adventure ahead with moving to India, starting a new job, having opportunities to travel with Luka, it’s all exciting and easy to get caught up in planing and day dreaming about the endless possibilities it will bring! BUT I don’t want to be forgetting the current things I have in my life. I don’t want to overlook the things I am experiencing now. I’m sure each of you are in similar times, only having a few months left of college waiting to start a job, counting down the days till a big move, anxiously waiting for a big event. We each have phases in life that we are waiting to reach. So, this leads me to a little journal prompt, I hope it will allow all of us to bring a little mindfulness and focus to the current phases we are in.

-Journal Prompt-

Here are the questions to get you started, and I’ve put  a picture from my journal to share what I learned from this reflection as well! 🙂

What am I currently waiting for in life?

What is it that you are anxiously waiting to achieve? What do you day dream about, envision, or are currently preparing for? 

What are the things will I be experiencing until then?

What steps do you have to take to get there? What does the process look like? Finishing your last semester of college, completing an internship, working at your current job for 6 more months, living with your parents until you save up money, exc.

What things do I enjoy about these steps?

Do you enjoy watching movies with your parents on Friday nights, in college do you enjoy living with your 3 best friends, do you enjoy your lunch dates with a co-worker, or even something as simple as your walk down the street to your office. What are the things that bring you happiness currently in this phase?

How can I intentionally slow down and enjoy this phase?

What is your “action plan”. Are you going to wake up a little early on Thursdays and go to the coffee shop across from campus that you love? Are you going to make a point to get to know a few co-workers that you have been meaning to talk to more. 


My hope is that this post today, and little reflection can help you slow down and enjoy this beautiful phase in your life. I’m hoping to be more conscious and do the same. There is nothing wrong with having goals and exciting things to look forward to in the future. It is just important to keep in mind that each thing we go through in life, even if at this point in time we don’t see it having much importance to us, it plays a part in our life, and these little moments are what make up our beautiful beautiful lives. I hope this next week we can all focus on slowing down, and being more present ❤

Feel free to share your journal reflections or comments below, I would love to hear from you!



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