Allowing ourselves to embrace our passions

More often than not we can be pretty unkind to ourselves. In fact, I would say from personal experience, that we can actually be pretty mean to ourselves. We sometimes expect too much from ourselves, beat ourselves up over little things, and have unrealistic expectations. I’ve been trying hard lately to intentionally change my thoughts, and be more kind to myself. This is defiantly a process, and today I want to share a bit of my process in hopes that it helps you give a little kindness back to yourself and to realize that you are a pretty incredible person! I hope to have a more posts in the future about self-care, and other ways to change that negative thinking towards ourself.<3 

Giving Ourself Titles

Something I have noticed when observing many teachers of elementary school students, and from my own experience working with elementary schoolers, is that the teacher will give the students titles such as artist, scientist, explorer, writer exc. These titles give students the motivation to engage in their work and give them the confidence to dig deeper. Their work becomes more significant to them because they have been put into an important role. Kids are very receptive to these titles as well, they call themselves artists, soccer players, and more, without hesitation!

As “grown ups” (or whatever we are after graduating college, or moving out of our parents homes, or reaching a certain age) we can be quite hesitant to give ourselves titles outside of our professions. (Certain titles are understandably reserved for a high level of mastery such as doctors, airplane pilots exc.) BUT many titles related to our interests or hobbies are quite attainable, and we are the ones stopping ourselves from using them. A few examples of these titles could be: runner, gardener, writer, athlete, designer, rock climber, photographer, surfer. I’m sure we have heard someone say, or have said ourself something along the lines of “I love to draw, but I’m not very good at it” or “I started running, but I can’t run very far.”


Journal Activity

So,this leads me to a little activity we can do to show a little kindness to ourselves, and validate those hobbies and passions we have. 

Get your journal or a random piece of paper and write the words “I AM..” and fill the page with the many titles that you can give yourself. You don’t have to be perfect or an expert at any of these things, they can be things you are striving to get better at, or things you simply enjoy doing. Don’t hold yourself back. When you are done, you should have a list of the many things that bring you joy. AND you deserve all of the titles on your list! ❤

Here is my list 🙂









So, what are your titles? I would love to hear them!:)

I hope you find lots of happiness this week, and that you show a little extra kindness to yourself this week!


❤ Meghan



I wanted to share a little life update:

After 7 months of living here in Chile, tomorrow Luka and I start a 3 week vacation to the U.S. to visit my family and friends! So, as I am overflowing with happiness the next couple of weeks I’m sure I will have lots to share here on Where Happiness Lies!! Stay tuned!! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Allowing ourselves to embrace our passions

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  1. Beautiful work sweetheart. You are so wise! I loved reading this and seeing your insights into so many interesting thoughts.
    Love you dear! Cannot wait to see you!!
    xo mom


    1. Thank you Mom for always having kind words and encouragement! I think I must get it from you 😘 I can’t wait to see you in only a few more days!


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