Part 1: 10 Ways to Show yourself some LOVE!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ❤ I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but mainly I’m just a big fan of making little crafts and spreading love

This week I am kicking off a self-care series here on Where Happiness Lies!! These next couple of weeks will be filled with posts all about celebrating how INCREDIBLE you are! From body image, to goal setting, to self-care practices we will cover it all! 🙂 My hope is that this series helps you appreciate all the amazing things about yourself. So, let’s get started today by showing ourselves a little love on this beautiful Valentine’s Day!!

10 Ways to Show Yourself LOVE This Valentine’s Day   (and everyday)

1. Celebrate the little things

This morning I went for a run, and I ran 1 MILE! It wasn’t a marathon, and it wasn’t even a PR BUT I woke up at 7:30, rode my bike to the stadium near my house, put on some Shakira and ran a mile and I felt great! So, in other words, it’s okay to celebrate something that might not feel like a HUGE accomplishment! Find something that made you proud about yourself, and celebrate it today! 🙂

2. Do something just for you

One of my best friend’s Olivia helped me start doing this lately 🙂 Sometimes it’s nice to put on your favorite dress, an awesome shade of lipstick, or get your eyebrows looking real nice and just sit on your couch and watch Netflix. You don’t have to dress up to impress anyone, if you want to put on lipstick and feel bad ass alone in your apartment DO IT! 🙂

3. Make a valentine for yourself

Like I mentioned, I LOVE being crafty and making valentines for my friends and family. So, I decided to make myself one, with the prompt of “I love that…” and I filled it with all the things I love about my life, myself, my experiences exc.


4. Be active (in a way that you enjoy)

Find a way that you like to move and go out and do it. Maybe it’s putting on a zumba video in the privacy of your living room, or maybe it’s going for a bike ride around your city (that’s definitely my favorite!) or going for a walk with your dog. Put on your favorite music and move around a little!

5. Reflect on your recent accomplishments

What are some things you have you accomplished this past week, month, 6 months or year? Are you finally settling into your new job, maybe you moved to a new city, or maybe you graduated college, kicked a bad habit. Whatever it is, take a minute to reflect (in a journal or in your head) on these amazing accomplishments, and let yourself be proud!

6. Be with people (or animals) that you love

Get coffee with your best friend, take your dog for a walk, make plans with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Or simply send a text to a loved one and tell them how amazing they are. Or make a little card or present for them! Our support systems fill us with love, so reach out to them today! When you spread love you get love ❤

7. Go on a little adventure

I was watching a video the other day all about happiness (my favorite topic 😉 ) and it talked about the simply concept of how novelty brings us a lot of joy. When we experience new, exciting things we are happy! I’m sure we have all experienced the opposite of this, getting stuck in routines and feeling trapped, sad and drained. So, a simple way to help yourself experience something new without flying around the world or spending a ton of money is simply go on a little adventure around your city. Try a new restaurant, take a different path on your walk, or try a different flavor ice cream, just a little something to get you out of your “same old, same old”.

8. Eat your favorite food

Get the ice cream, eat the brownies, go to your favorite restaurant, order the pizza. Food makes us happy, and that’s okay! 🙂

9. Relax

Do something that relaxes you. I personally love to read a book and drink my favorite tea with candles and lots of pillows and blankets! Maybe you like to watch your favorite Netflix show while drinking some wine, or maybe taking a hot shower then painting your nails. Whatever it is, give yourself a little relaxation today, you deserve it!

10. Journal

Here are some prompts that can spark some love for yourself:

  • What is something you did well today?
  • What is something you would NEVER change about yourself?
  • What is a hobby that makes you happy? When can you schedule a time to do it this month?
  • Write about what makes you unique

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you feel so full of love today! Stay tuned for more on our self-care series celebrating how AMAZING you are!!!



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