Part 3: Choosing Positive Self-Talk

This week for part 3 of our Self-Care Series, I have a simple yet challenging message about self-love, and self care. This week I want us to think about our body image. No matter your gender, age, race, sexuality, we are always bombarded with images of how people “like us” should look. Β These entirely superficial, made up stereotypes of how we “should be” end up getting stuck in our heads, and if our bodies are outside of this image (which I’m sure 99% of us are..because it is just unrealistic) then we are told we must do something to change our bodies, and we can’t feel comfortable with our body the way it is. and THIS is where negative body images and all sorts of very complex problems can come into play.

So, my message this week is simply this:

Stop yourself from engaging in negative body talk.

and no, this isn’t any easy thing to do, because we are conditioned to do it in such casual ways. For the past month or so I have been trying VERY hard to avoid engaging in negative body talk, it is quite challenging, BUT once you become aware of it, it becomes easier to stop yourself.

So many times in conversations with family and friends (or even to ourselves) we say such casual things such as:

  • “I feel so fat compared to her!”
  • “I have to go to the gym tomorrow, I gained so much weight on my vacation!”
  • “I only have 2 months to get my bikini body ready!”

All of these negative words get stuck in our minds and form the way we, and others think about our bodies.

So my challenge for you is to stop engaging in these conversations. Shift these conversations to celebrate our bodies and what they can do. So the next time you look at yourself and see the things you want to change, I challenge you to reflect on the things you CAN do and the things you like about your body such as:

  • Wow! I ran for 10 minutes this morning, I haven’t done that in a while!
  • Damn, these pants look really good!
  • I have fitness goals I am working towards, but I have made so many positive changes and I feel great!

Listen to your body, relax when you need to, push yourself when you can. But most importantly, focus on how you feel, not just on how you look. If going to the gym has made you feel more energized and less stressed, that is more important then numbers on a scale.

Find opportunities this week to celebrate the incredible things our bodies can do instead of engaging in conversations about what they can’t do! If you need help getting started feel free to share below something you love about yourself! ❀

I hope you have a wonderful week full of positivity and love, for yourself and others!



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