Part 4: Goal Setting

Planning out your GOALS

Our final post in this Self-Care Series is all about goal setting!!! Which may not seem like an ordinary topic of self-care but I felt it was important to include in this series. Goal setting is a way of helping us achieve what we want in life (long term, or short term).  Working towards reaching our goals gives us a sense of purpose and drives our passions. I am the type of person that always has millions of ideas circling in my head about projects I want to do, different paths I could take in life, and all the ideas I have for the future. Which is super fun and exciting but I am also the kind of person that has a hard time making those things concrete. I tend to get frustrated and angry with myself if I can’t make my ideas come true.

In short, goal setting is a way to guide ourselves to achieve the things we want, and that to me is a form of self-care

So, I want to share a goal setting strategy I use and that has really helped me make my ideas and aspirations concrete and attainable. I’ve included some templates you can download below if you would like to follow this specific plan, or if this post just gets you thinking about ways to set up your goals, that is perfect too

As always, it is all about what works best for YOU!

Step 1: Define your Goals

The first thing I like to do when I start planning out my goals is to set the time frame for achieving my goals, and define exactly what these goals are.

Here is an example of 3 of my current goals and the time frame I set for myself:

Time frame: January-July 2017 (I chose this time frame because I’m currently between jobs and have time to focus on improving specific areas of my life. Think about how your life looks right now, and the time you need to work on these goals)

Goal 1: Start a blog

Goal 2: Grow deeper in yoga and meditation practices

Goal 3: Create more art

When you are trying to define your goals do some brainstorming and thinking about how you want to grow during this time frame. You can try separating your ideas into categories, such as creating a goal for your health, a goal for work, a goal for school, a goal for your relationships exc. 

Step 2: Explain how these goals can be achieved

Once you have these goals solidified, they may seem pretty daunting and big. This is when we start to analyze them and break them into steps. You can ask yourself the question “What does achieving this goal look like?”

For example, here are of my 3 goals again, broken down into how they can be achieved:

Goal 1: Start a blog

  • Research advise about starting a blog
  • Pick a focus
  • Find a platform and design my blog
  • Write weekly or monthly posts

Goal 2: Grow deeper in yoga and meditation practices

  • Create a daily morning and evening yoga routine
  • Try different meditation techniques
  • Try different yoga styles
  • Go to weekly/monthly yoga classes

Goal 3: Create more art

  • Do weekly art projects
  • Explore different mediums (paint, watercolor, drawing)

What helped me to break my goals down, was to think about the activities I can do to make these big goals a reality. What things can I easily do weekly or monthly to achieve this goal? 

Here is a very simple template you can use for these 2 steps. What I like to do is post this sheet somewhere I will see it daily to remind myself of the goals I’m working towards. You will also need to have it handy when you complete step 3. 🙂 

Goal setting template

Step 3: Create weekly “mini-goals” to work towards your big goals

On Sunday evenings I like to sit down with a cup of tea(I like to sit down with a cup of tea whenever I have time to 😉 ) and reflect on the past week and create my goals for the new week ahead.

I do this by looking at my long term goal sheet and creating “mini-goals” for each of my big goals I have set.

Here is an example of how that looks:

Goal 1: Start a blog

Ways to work towards goal 1 this week:

  • Create a blog post about goal-setting
  • Post travel pictures

Goal 2: Grow deeper in yoga and meditation practices

Ways to work towards goal 2 this week:

  • Read a chapter in my book on meditation
  • Do a restorative yoga session on youtube
  • Meditate before bed each night

Goal 3: Create more art

Ways to work towards goal 1 this week:

  • Draw one of my favorite places in Arica
  • Make a birthday card for my friend using new handwriting techniques

I try not to turn my weekly goal sheet into a to-do list, I think of it more as ways I am activly choosing to live in a way that corresponds with the growth I hope to see over these months. Some weeks I fall short and don’t complete all the goals I set for myself, or sometimes during the week I modify how I can reach those weekly goals, or some weeks I do complete them and feel great! What I’m trying to say is to not be hard on yourself. Push yourself to complete your weekly goals, but take time to reflect and modify if you need to. It is a process to reach our goals, and the journey has many lessons to teach us. 

Here is the very simple template you can use for your weekly “mini-goal” setting! 🙂

Weekly Goal Setting Template

I hope this posts helps you think about the ways you want to grow, and helps you make that growth happen



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