A Trip to Santiago, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso

I decided that there was no way I could leave Chile in May with only having been to one city here, so this past week Luka and I went on a little vacation to a few cities here in Chile. We visited the capital Santiago, and a few other cities in the 5th region, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso and the little town of Concon. During our trip I decided I wanted to nail down exactly what it is about traveling and visiting new cities that gives me so much happiness. So, each night I sat down and wrote in my journal, I tried to write about what made me the happiest each day. So below are all the things that made me feel happiness during the trip and a few pictures of our little adventure 🙂


Before I start, I have to share my favorite picture from the trip! Some beautiful street art we stumbled upon on top of “El Cerro Alegre” in Valparaíso. A beautiful wall painted with the word “Alegre” meaning  Cheerful or Happy 🙂

Pretending what life would be like living in that city

Whenever I travel I love looking at the houses, or the big apartment buildings right in the heart of the downtown and love to think what it would be like to live there. I love to pretend that I live in the city and I’m on my way to work, or to meet with friends as i stroll down the streets. It could also just be my love for thinking about “what if’s” and potential future paths for my life, but it’s so fun to play pretend and imagine my life in each new city I visit!

Riding bikes around a new city

Luka and I rented bikes in Viña del Mar and rode them ALL around the city. I LOVE riding bikes and being able to do it in a new city was so fun and such a quick way to get around while still enjoying the sights.

Discovering the “vibe” of the city

Is it a busy capital city with people rushing to work? Is it a laid back surfer town? Is it full of historic events? I love wandering around cities and figuring out what makes them unique. During our trip each place we visited was located relatively close together, but had its own unique “vibe”.

Santiago, a massive capital city nestled below the Andes, was a full of life, bikes weaving through the street and people crowding onto the metro. We went to an AMAZING mall. (which had all my favorite gringo stores, I was in heaven) We rode a cable car to the top of a hill that had the most incredible view of the whole city.

Viña del Mar was full of extravagant high-rise apartments right next to the beach, lookouts that sat over the clear blue water, and a beach full of bars with glass walls to watch the sunset.

Concon, only  a 45 minute bus ride away, felt like a little beach town. The streets were lined with empanadas venders, literally EVERY restaurant sold any kind of empanada imaginable, and the beach was full of surf shops where you could rent boards. We enjoyed an afternoon of eating empanadas (there was a whole vegetarian menu!!!) and surfing!

Valparaíso’s streets were filled with the most incredible street art I have ever seen. Each corner was full of intricate colorful masterpieces. All the buildings are built into the hills, so we spent the day climbing up stairs, taking a little trolley elevator to find the best view of the city! 🙂 and when we found it we ate cookies and drank wine to celebrate.

Taking in the beauty

I’m a very reflective person, I love to just soak up moments. One very simple thing that always brings me happiness in daily life, or when exploring new places is just taking in the moment. Having a “Frozen Time Moment” and just taking in everything about where I am in that very moment.

Having the best travel buddy

Traveling with a significant other is really just the best. It gets you out of your daily routines and lets you experience each other in a different setting.

Thanks for letting me share such a fun trip with you, by sharing what brought me happiness during this time I hope to encourage you to take time to reflect after a certain activity or trip or anything that made you happy and discover exactly WHY it brings you so much joy.

By pinpointing the things that make us happiest we can cultivate more of it in our life, and that’s really what we are all searching for, isn’t it? 🙂

Have a wonderful week full of positivity friends!!!



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