Calming Crafts: Stained glass candle holder

This week I am starting a recurring segment on the blog entitled “Calming Crafts”. I have always loved doing art projects, and I have found it to be a way to boost my happiness. Weather it’s from feeling accomplished after creating something, or from occupying our minds with a task and getting absorbed in it, crafts can be very, well, calming! 🙂 So, when I find fun crafts, DIY projects or other art ideas I will be sharing them with you here on Where Happiness Lies.

For our first craft, we will be making a stained glass candle holder! A super fun and simple craft, which will leave you with a beautiful candle you can use for meditating 🙂 or just for decorating your room!



  • Tissue paper (however many colors you would like)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Glass jar or glass candle holder
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Candle


Cut shapes out of the tissue paper. I decided to use different sizes of squares and rectangles, you can stick to the same shape or do different ones!


Use your paint brush to apply a layer of glue to the jar


If you are using glitter, you can mix the glitter with the glue at this point. (I was being very resourceful and decided to mix a little glittery eye shadow with my glue 😉 so, if you don’t have glitter you can always dig through your cosmetics and see what you find!)


Place your tissue paper shapes over the layer of glue


Use your paint brush to apply a layer of glue over the tissue paper to seal it to the jar

Repeat until our jar is covered!


Overlap your shapes to create more of a painted/stained glass effect and to ensure full coverage of the jar


Final product:



Thanks for stopping by the first Calming Crafts segment on the blog. 🙂 Display your beautiful candle, and incorporate it into your meditation practice! Feel free to share any craft ideas, how this craft went for you, anything! I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful week!


❤ Meghan


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