Doing More.

Recently I’ve been listening to a podcast called Strangers. (If you haven’t listened I highly recommend it! 🙂 ) One episode in particular has stuck with me this past week. On this episode, “Elizabeth and Mary”, the host interviewed a woman who decided to donate a kidney to a stranger. This sparked a lot of curiosity among friends and family of the woman donating, and in the host. The main thought was “why would someone be provoked to do such a selfless act?” The main thing it left the host, and myself with was why, in this world full of heartache, people in need, and horrible tragedies that tear at our hearts, don’t we do more? What stops us from giving a kidney, or helping refugees? Why don’t we do more?

I’ve been a vegetarian for around 6 years.  Now, this post isn’t to make you become a vegetarian, but it is to get you thinking about what you can do. I decided to stop eating meat for multiple reasons (ethical, environmental, health and spiritual). But more importantly, I feel it’s a way to consciously live out my beliefs each day, and in a way, I feel I’m doing something to make a difference in the world. I’m enacting my beliefs in sustainability, and respect for life and deciding to do what I can to make a little bit of difference in the world.

We all need a way to feel connected to the world, to feel like we are consciously making a difference with our choices everyday.

So, find what YOU can do everyday to feel like you are making changes to the world. It could be anything that makes you feel like you’re living out YOUR beliefs everyday. You could:

  • Cut back on gas by riding your bike to work
  • Support businesses in your community by choosing to shop at local stores instead of chain stores
  • Help people in your community become literate by volunteering at a school or library
  • Support refugees by teaching English classes at a local community center
  • Or, if you find yourself with money at the end of the month, donating to causes you believe in

What ever it is, do it with passion and love. And we can start putting positivity into a world that can sometimes feel like it is full of negativity.

I’m trying to think of other way I can do more too, so start a conversation, make a change, AND, as always, have a week full of happiness! 🙂


❤ Meghan


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