Hi, I’m Meghan. I’m a yoga lover, a dreamer, a traveler, an adventure seeker, a teacher, a writer, a vegetarian and an expat-currently living in Mumbai, India. I started this blog because, like many others, I’m searching for the ways in which things connect in this world. People, ideas, places, all connect in some way, for some reason. This blog is to reflect on past experiences, celebrate the beauty in all times of life, find ways to connect to the world and connect within ourselves, and most importantly, to choose a life overflowing with happiness. Join me as we explore ways to keep or mind, body, and soul balanced, grounded and truly happy. 🙂


A glimpse into what content you will find on the blog:

Happy Mind: Journal prompts, mindfulness exercises, goal setting, self care tips, crafts

Happy Body: Yoga, vegetarian/vegan recipes, ways to be active, ways to find physical balance

Happy Soul: Meditation, digging deeper into spiritual ideas, travel experiences, book recommendations, being balanced inwardly







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