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A collection of things that make our community of “happiness seekers” full of joy! This space is to share things that bring a smile to your face and fill you with positivity, in hopes that when others see it, they feel the same! This is our little way of spreading more joy throughout the world! πŸ™‚Β 

*Send any of your own pictures with a little caption describing why it brings you happiness to murphy.meghanlynn@gmail.com and I will post them right away! Thanks for being part of our community!


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I feel happy when I read a book, because in this way I can let my imagination fly. Also it’s like if I lived another life, experiences, adventures, and sometimes I feel the feelings of the characters. Books are important to me because sometimes they are an escape from reality. I am reading in “PDF” or “Wattpad” too, because somethimes I don’t have money to buy books.” – Fernanda

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“They are my friends, I met them two years ago, they make me happy because I feel confident with them, we laugh all the time for every stupid thing. We have really good moments and I love them with all my heart, I hope we always are together.” -Sissi

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“I feel hapy when I am with my friends playing and enjoying time in a park.” – Jonathan

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“I feel happy when I am reading in “Wattpad” and “PDF” because I can read free books and I find the books of different generes. These can go with me everywhere in my cellphone. They give me a oppertunity to read when I want to distract and I can meet new worlds between the words. The physics books are very expensive so these are my best friends πŸ™‚ ” – Nayeli

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“I feel happy when I see kitties because I remember my can when he was little and because I love cats.” – Marcelo

“This makes me happy because with music I feel free and not stressed when I play. I’m in “The Zone” you know, when I focus on this I don’t feel anybody around me. I can express my feelings in songs” -Pablo

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“This makes me happy to be with my brother, because in the house to seem really crazy when to play together and to see our favorite movies “Brave”, “The Seceret Life of Pets”, and “Finding Dory”. -Monserrat

I feel happy when I go crazy with my friends, they are just like me, really very crazy, they support me in everything, even today. And also this picture is so funny, and makes me nostalgic for my past” -Fabian

“This makes me happy because I love animals and my dog to play with her” – Leonel

“This makes me happy because it is my Β first photo in Access program that I have on my cellphone” -Renato (p.s. the picture behind was made by Miss Camila)
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“This is my niece, her name is Amaya and she is 2 years old, I like when my sister’s family comes to Arica, they live in Antofagasta. She makes me feel happy because I like children and always take care of her and always will.” -Sayen

“I feel happy when I see the afternoon sun because I like to play tennis at the beach” -Sebastian
She is my little sister, and she makes me happy because she’s always laughing, that is contagious when I am not feeling good. When she knows that I am sick she asks me if I need something (that’s funny because she is just 4) or she hugs me. She’s growing up, and I don’t want that. 😦 But I know that she’s always gonna be with me, just like I’m going to be with her. Β -Javiera


“Finding the perfect Β green tea” -Meghan


“A bird in a scarf makes me happy! πŸ™‚ ” -Lorrie
“My favorite dish “pastel de choclo” always gives me extra happiness in my life!” -Luka
“Having a local craft beer!” -Luka
“I grew up in Minnesota, a beautiful state with very distinct seasons. Now, living in a city that has BEAUTIFUL weather year round, and being able to ride my bike EVERYDAY and next to (or on) the beach, makes me feel like I’m on a never ending vacation!” -Meghan

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