Yoga Diaries: Ashtanga 101-from a beginner’s mind

This past December I went to a yoga retreat that focused on Ashtanga yoga, which prior to this, I have had little exposure to, and when I realized what that actually meant after doing the 20th chatarunga of the class, within the first 5 minutes, I was thinking I should probably just skip the yoga classes and lay on the beach all day. BUT to my utter shock, I have developed a love for Ashtanga yoga!


Be Here Now.

This month we explore the idea of being present in this very moment, and fully giving love. Be here now. and love, with all that you are.

Recovery Yoga

The other night I thought I was stepping into a typical restorative yoga class, but what I walked into was a space full of positivity, support, and of course, happiness.

Doing More.

A recent podcast got me thinking, "Why don't we do more to combat the negativity in the world?" So this week, let's choose a way to DO MORE.

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